IS the longest running choir in Oakville WHOSE AIM IS to promote choral singing and music appreciation.

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 From the opening words to the last song I was in tears… tears of joy at the power and magnificence of the human spirit and tears of delight at the unification of community conveying the human story through movement and music. Thank you all. You have enriched my life. -Cynthia
It was outstanding!!! The program was so well put together with a historical timeline and appropriate music. The professional performers, some of whom I had seen before, were beyond great. The choir was wonderful! What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! -Daniela
I thoroughly enjoyed being part of our choir, particularly this time around. The music was a joy to both sing and listen to and all of my guests expressed extreme pleasure in having attended the event. So much so, that many thought the choir and music sufficiently good to take on a Canadian tour. What a thought! -Jennifer

We Appreciate...

Chartwell Baptist Church for rehearsal space

St. John’s United Church as our venue

We appreciate our supporters!